Best Actress
„European Cinematography Awards“
for „Isch heisst“


“99Fire Film Award” – “Berlinale” – “Best Movie” for “Würde””

Anna Ewelina was born in Danzig, Poland. At the age of four she immigrated to Germany with her family and grew up bilingually in the Rhine-Main region. From an early age on she’s been interested in foreign languages and cultures, and slipping into different roles – her passion for acting was born. Her first role was a growing hedge, which she played in kindergarten. Since then she had a plan: becoming an actress.

During acting school in Frankfurt/ Main in 2007 she played fort leading roles at the Stadttheater Aschaffenburg. She’s also always been very passionate about music and was the lead singer for several bands. Furthermore you can hear her voice on international productions such as Disney´s „Star vs the forces of evil“ in which she’s the German voice of “Star“.

In between her roles on feature and short film projects, as well as being a TV series regular she consistently trains in L.A. to learn from the best and refine her craft.

In 2012 Anna was awarded with the “99 Fire Film Award” for “Best Movie” at the “International Film Festival Berlinale” for her self produced short film „Würde“, which then inspired her to realize further projects. In 2015 „Isch heisst“, co-produced by „Bayerischer Rundfunk“ got released. Anna plays the leading role of translator Marta. It premiered at the 50th International Film Festival in Hof, Germany.

In 2017 Anna landed her first role in Hollywood and got to work on „Call of Duty“ – WWII“. Today she lives in LA and travels between Germany, California and Eastern Europe. Always on her side: her litte pug „Resi”.

Height:5′4” ft/in (162 cm)
Eye Color:blue
Hair colour:blonde
Languages:German and Polish (mother tongue – grew up bilingual, accent-free), English (fluently), French (basic)
Voice:alto, rock, pop, jazz
Driving license:B (car)
Instruments:guitar, flute, violin (basic)
Specials:dubber, presenter, dancing, traveling, yoga, skiing, horseback riding (basic)
  • Karen Armstrong, on camera class, ongoing 
  • Lene Beyer, Chubbuck Technique, ongoing 
  • MK Lewis, Intensive & Masterclass, Film Technique, Los Angeles
  • Nancy Bishop – Audition and Screen Acting Technique Master Class Prague
  • MK Lewis, Intensive & Masterclass, Film Technique, Los Angeles
  • Tim Phillips, Meisner Technique, Los Angeles
  • Jan Messutat, Personal Coaching & Meisner Technique
  • Mark Travis, Hands on Actors
  • Stage & Musical School, Frankfurt a.M. – state-recognised actress
  • Call of Duty: WWII| Sledgehammer/ Activision |  David Swenson 
  • Spreewaldkrimi – Zeit der Wölfe | Aspekte Telefilm | ZDF |  director: Pia Strietmann
  • Watzmann ermittelt  | Luckybird Pictures  | Director: Carsten Fiebeler
  • Unter Verdacht | Eikon Media | ZDF |  director: Johannes Grieser   
  • In aller Freundschaft | Saxonia Media | ARD/MDR |  director: Heidi Kranz   
  • Isch heisst | Summerhill Lights | BR |  director: Christoph Lacmanski            
  • Polizeiruf 110 -Preis der Freiheit | Real Film Berlin | ARD/RBB |  director: Stephan Rick
  • Die Randgruppe | Julius Grimm Production |  director: Julius Grimm
  • ALARMALARM | HFF München | director: Florian Seufert
  • Tatort Der Himmel ist ein Platz auf Erden | Hager Moss Film | ARD | dir.: Max Färberböck
  • Die Rosenheim Cops | Bavaria Fernsehproduktion | ZDF |  director: Jörg Schneider
  • Halbe Brüder | Conradfilm / Bavaria Pictures | director: Christian AlvartSOKO 5113 | UFA Fiction | ZDF | director: Heidi Kranz, Michael Wenning
  • Lilly Schönauer Die Hochzeit meiner Schwester | Bavaria Fernsehprod. | ARD | dir: M. Serafini
  • Hubert & Staller | Entertainment Factory | ARD | director: Jan Markus Linhof
  • München 7 | Akzente GmbH | ARD | director: Franz Xaver Bogner
  • Rote Rosen | Studio Hamburg Serienwerft GmbH | ARD | director: Hoerisch/ Distl
  • Der Bergdoktor | ndF GmbH | ZDF | director: Alex Barth
  • Um Himmels Willen | ndF GmbH | ARD | director: Andi Niessner, Ulli Koenig
  • Abschied | HFF Munich | director: Christian Knie
  • Würde | “Best Movie” 99 Fire Film Award Berlinale | director: Christoph Lacmanski
  • Anna Ewelina & die Klischees | self directed | nominated “best short movie”,  Filmfest Munich
  • Puppet | Hachmeister & Thiemann | director: Nils Hachmeister
  • The Flat | guest role | Geek Pictures | pilot | director: David Helmut
  • In meiner Geschichte |Lacmanski FILM | director: C. Lacmanski
  • Weg | h_da/ Schuerrlein & Schmidt | director: David Schmidt
  • Leon 25, 65 | h_da / Filmacademy Ludwigsburg | director: Mathias Kassner
  • Die Anrheiner | recurring leading role | Zieglerfilm Cologne | WDR | director:
  • Klaus Petsch et al.
  • Unter Uns | episode leading role | Grundy Ufa | RTL | director: Hannes Spring et al.
  • Giftcocktail | leading role | Citythriller | director: Rosi Wagner
  • Innere Mongolei | leading role | Stadttheater Aschaffenburg | director: H. Kirchner
  • Reiher | leading role | Stadttheater Aschaffenburg | director: H. Kirchner
  • Haiymaath | supporting role | Stadttheater Aschaffenburg | director: H. Kirchner
  • Mutterliebemutter | leading role | Stadttheater Aschaffenburg | director: H. Kirchner
  • Hilfe, es spukt! | leading role | Burg Frankenstein | director: Frank Baumgart
  • Ungeduscht, geduzt & ausgebuht | leading role | director: H. Kirchner